Leyburn 1940’s Weekend

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Leyburn 1940’s Weekend
Saturday 22nd & Sunday 24th July 2016

Why not join us in Wensleydale for this year’s 1940’s weekend at the end of July. The festival and it’s variety of events is open from 10am to 5pm each day. More details can be found here.

As always there will be display of vintage and military vehicles from the era along with a number of stalls selling anything from clothing of the era to music. Major Swing will be in the Market Place all weekend playing music and running dance classes.

Leyburn 1940’s Weekend

This year with help from The Land Army Girls, they have managed to get some extra rations to help with the preparations. There will be a dance on the Saturday night with entertainment by “Major swing DJ” – Tim Handley.

There will be a morning and evening shuttle bus service to and from the town to Cawkill Park for a display of Vintage and military vehicles. Trader’s corner. Service of remembrance on Sunday with church parade and commemorative service in the market square. 1940 service Bus Park & Ride in to town. Vintage fairground. Dancing & Bands in the market square music and dancing of the era throughout the weekend.

A Service of remembrance followed by a Church parade and commemorative service in the Market Place will take Sunday morning.

The Wensleydale Railway

The Vintage bus will be running a park and ride service from the railway station in and around town over the weekend. All this plus much more to be enjoyed!

Contact Leyburn 1940’s Weekend on Facebook here. The website with further details can be found here.

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